Chair of Foreign languages

General information

          Brief information about the chair of Foreign languages


        History of the chair of Foreign languages development is connected with the history of the University of Foreign Languages and Business Career formation. Foreign Languages Chair was founded in September 2004 in the Department of Foreign languages of the University.

Students on  two specialties are trained in day-time, part-time, night-time and distance education forms: 

6M011900- “Foreign language: two foreign languages”;

5B020700 – “Translation studies”.

There are two specialities of MA course:

6M011900- “Foreign language: two foreign languages”;

6М020700  - “Translation studies”.

Chair implements fundamental, scientific practical, scientific pedagogical and scientific methodological research, renders informational, counseling service to educational institutions, works out and introduces innovative technologies in training process.

        Purpose of chair: formation and development of professionally focused foreign-language competence in the structure of students’ integrated social and professional competence of a master course on the specialty 6M011900-“Foreign language: two foreign languages” for the follow-up effective professional activity in the multilingual and multicultural sphere.

       Tasks of chair:

       1) Foreign language specialist training in the realization of competence-based approach and ability are directed to the work in the sphere of foreign-language education and fully owning communicative competences in multilingualism conditions.

      2) Ensuring growth of activity of teaching staff scientific activity, expansion of international relations, development of MA students’ and teachers’ academic mobility.

      3) Involvement of MA students to research activity of the chair.

            Activity of teaching staff is organized according to the declared mission, the purposes and problems of university strategy development and it is directed on its realization.



Strategic aim of the chair- state educational policy realization, aimed at foreign languages sphere qualified specialists training in multilingual society for ensuring of Kazakhstan`s educational process.

Strategic aim of the “Foreign languages” chair`s development conditioned by it`s mission and main conceptual regulations of development.

Mission of the chair:   foreign languages competitive specialists having deep theoretical and practical foreign languages competences, high professional qualification in educational sphere training.

Mission of the training on the educational program 6M011900 – “Foreign language: two foreign languages” is stipulated by the mission and main conceptual regulations of the university`s development and state educational policy realization, aimed at highly qualified personnel training for the republic in foreign language education sphere.

Chair`s teaching staff is complemented in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Regulations of higher educational institutions` scientific and pedagogical personnel competitive substitution. At the chair courses are conducted by 35  instructors, including Doctors and Candidates of Science-12, PhD Doctors-2 and 21 senior lecturers.

Head of the Chair of Foreign languages- candidate of philology Bekkozhanova G.K. All the teaching staff conduct course in foreign languages.

The teaching staff of the department of foreign languages:

  1. Amirova A.S. -  doctor, professor
  2. Aimaganbetova M.M. -  senior lecturer
  3. Abilchanova Zh. -  tutor
  4. Aliyakrinski D.S. - tutor
  5. Abdullaeva G.O. – candidate of pedagogical science,  associate professor
  6. Zhalalova A.M. - senior lecturer
  7. Bekkozhanova G.K. -  candidate of philology, associate professor
  8. Bekmuratova A.E.  - senior lecturer
  9. Alipova A.T. - senior lecturer
  10.  Dabiltaeva R.E.  - candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor
  11.  Golovchun A.A. - candidate of pedagogical science, professor
  12.  Zeyadauly B.  - candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  13.  Kerim Dzhelep - tutor
  14.  Kaitasova G.A.  - senior lecturer
  15.  Kuratova O.A.  -  candidate of pedagogical science,  professor
  16.  KerimbekovT. S.  - tutor
  17.  Mamedova F.Z.  -  candidate of philological sciences, professor
  18.  Ygibayeva A.U.  -  tutor
  19.  Oshanova Sh.Zh. – staff  assistant
  20. Popova S.V.  -  candidate of philological sciences, senior lecturer
  21.  Pak A.O.  - candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  22.  RakhimG.Zh. -  tutor
  23.  Solomikina K.V. - senior lecturer
  24.  Tokhtakhunova M.K.  -  senior lecturer
  25.  Tokhtarbek S.  -  senior lecturer
  26.  Tazhenova A.S. - senior lecturer
  27.  Turisbekova M.E. -  tutor
  28.  Usenbayev M.K. -  senior lecturer
  29.  KhalelA. -  tutor
  30.  Khamraeva Sh. A.-  senior lecturer
  31.  Shayakhmetova D.B. -  candidate of pedagogical science, professor
  32.  Yarmukhamedova K.G.- senior lecturer
  33.  Dulaeva E.Z.  - candidate of philological sciences, senior lecturer
  34.  Abdrakhmanova K.Kh.  – candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  35.  Ali Shaban -  doctor, professor

Instructors have state awards, honorable ranks, honorary diplomas for service in the field of education in Kazakhstan, among them:

In 2014 – possessor of the state grant  “ The best higher educational institution`s lecturer”-1 instructor. 

In 2013 owner of the Diploma “Pedagogue of the XX1 century” for participation in the Republican Contest of young pedagogues (Taldykorgan city)- 1 instructor.

Honorary diploma “The best methodologist of the year” in the contest organized by MES of RK.- Almaty, November 23, 2014- 1 instructor.

Certificate for participation in the Republican contest of Kazakhstan`s higher educational institutions` instructors “The best methodologist of the year” November 23, 2014 -1 lecturer.

Honorary diploma for active participation in students` training  for the Republican Complex Testing during MES of RK attestation in 2012 – 1 lecturer.

Letter of letter  for participation in community work day of 2013 Almaty city-1 lecturer.

In 2010 for the 5th anniversary of the University were awarded by RK MES Honorary diplomas- 2 lecturers.

Since foundation time till present the chair has been constantly affirming desire and ability to integration into world educational sphere when quality of education is transforming into the most important factor of the graduating students` competitiveness.

Ways and means of the goals` achievement are defined by Strategic plan of the Chair for 2015-2018 years