Chair of History, Religion study and International Relations

General information


University of Foreign Languages and Business Career

Department of “History, Religious Studies and International Relations”

The Head of the Chair is Issataeva Zh. Gulnar, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate professor.

The Chair of “History, Religious Studies and International Relations” was founded in 2014 due to the merger of two departments: “History and International Relations” and “Religious Studies”. Today it is a subdivision of the Department of “History and Religious Studies”.

To date, the aim of the Department is training on the basis of high technologies, scientific achievements and new international relations in the fields of history, religious studies and international relations.

Students are enrolled in the credit system, professors and teaching staff pay special attention to the interactive method of learning and academic achievements of students. All lectures, seminars and laboratory works are carried out by the new method. Use interactive boards and electronic textbooks.

For each subject all specialties developed syllabuses and educational-methodical complexes.

Preparing highly qualified personnel, teaching staff of the Department contributes to the development of Kazakhstan. 

The teaching staff of the Department constantly improve their skills, participates in various international and interuniversity scientific and practical conferences and round tables. Students take an active part in the events held at the University.

Specialty 5В011400-"History"

At the University of foreign languages and business career in 2005 opened a specialty 5В011400 - "History".

In the framework of the educational program presented the following disciplines:

The compulsory subjects include: Archaeology, Ethnology, "Source studies", "History of primitive society", "History of the Ancient world", "History of the middle Ages", "the New history of Asia and Africa","History of world religions".

In the cycle of core subjects include:"the history of the countries of Europe and America in contemporary history", "History of Asia and Africa in recent times, Methods of teaching religious studies", "Additional historical objects", "History of history".

Specialty "History" is a center for training specialists in the field of domestic and foreign literature, archaeology, Ethnology, museology and protection of historical monuments. Theoretical and practical researchers of Kazakhstan - PhD, associate Professor Actmedia Z. S., Ph. D., Professor Moldabayeva M. M., Ph. D., Professor Amirov A. S., Ph. D., Professor of Simtikov J. K., Ph. D. Relancota A. T., Ph. D. Orazbay M., Ph. D. K. Kusainova T., Ph. D. Esteva V. A., senior lecturer, master Baibagulov B. A., senior teacher, master of  Zhienaliev J. A., senior lecturer, master Yermekbayev A. prepare competitive specialists of this degree according to the educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students have passed the certification in the specialty 5В011400- "History", is assigned an academic degree and qualification "Bachelor in History".

Bachelor degree in 5В011400–"History" can carry out their professional activities in the field of education. 

The objects of professional activity of bachelor degree 5В011400 – "History":

- preschool education and upbringing;

- primary, secondary, and specialized schools;

- specialized school;

- technical and vocational education.

Professional activity of bachelor degree 5В011400–"History" is, the planning of the educational process, organization of education, team management, motivation of students, consulting, methodical and educational work, innovative work in the education system.

The scope of professional activity of bachelor degree 5В011400–"History" includes education, experimental research, organizational, managerial, social, pedagogical, educational, training and technical work.

Specialty 5В020200 – "International relations" 

With the development of international relations in the world, in the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan came the need of training in the specialty "International relations".

Students of the specialty "international relations" are trained in the following subjects: "History of Kazakhstan", "Foreign language", "Philosophy", "Science", "Kazakh and Russian languages", "World economy and international economic relations", "Environment", "International law", "New and newest history of the countries of Europe and the Americas", "New and newest history of the countries of Asia and Africa", "Diplomatic documents", "Diplomacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "the Process of global integration", "Multilateral diplomacy", "Modern conflicts", "International organizations", "the foundations of geopolitics, "Diplomatic etiquette and Protocol", etc.

Majoring in international relations PhD, associate Professor Actmedia Z. S., Ph. D., associate Professor E. A. Tuganov, Ph. D., Professor of Simtikov J. K., Ph. D. Orazbay M., Ph. D. K. Kusainova T., Ph. D. Esteva V. A., senior lecturer, senior lecturer, master of Zhienaliev J. A., senior teacher, master Yermekbayev A. A., K. K. Kozhakhmetov teach classes on the history of international relations, geopolitics, the modern system of international relations and diplomatic relations.

The graduates of the specialty "International relations" is assigned an academic degree "Bachelor of international relations". Graduate qualification is issued by the certificate and the order №275-P dated 22.11.2002 of the Ministry of labour and social protection of managers, specialists and other employees.

A graduate of bachelor training in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the various organizations of public administration, foreign policy, world politics, international organizations, transnationally corporations: referent, expert, analyst, translator (interpreter – referent), the level of knowledge of the language in state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Specialty 5В020600- "Religious studies"

Majoring in Religious studies" was opened in 2004, trains specialists in the specialty 5В020600 - "Religious studies". The Department employs highly qualified specialists. 90% of teachers known doctors of Sciences, candidates of Sciences in the field of religious studies, professors and associate professors.

The purpose of the Department of "Religious studies" is - quality and professional education in the field of religious studies. By modern standards, the Department has daytime, evening and correspondence Department. Students use multimedia processes, the Internet and modern teaching methods.

The faculty consists of specialists who graduated from foreign, international and advanced domestic higher educational institution: the rector of the University Dr., Professor Hizmetli Sabri, PhD, Professor of Hurie Ekhlef, PhD, Professor Konar Saginkul, PhD, Professor Zatov K.A., PhD, associate Professor K. Akhmedov, PhD, Professor Beisenov B. K., PhD Abzhalov S., senior lecturer, master Shomanov B., senior lecturer, master Jaiylganova A. A., master J. J. Aldanazarov.

Graduates of the religious scholars have the opportunity to work as a researcher, scholar, teacher, and in various state institutions, diplomatic missions, in the bodies of law, the Department of justice, may also work in the media in the field of religious studies and public administration.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are: 

  • Research, research organization;
  • National, regional, state and municipal authorities;
  •  Mass media;
  •  Educational institutions;
  •  Expert Advisory councils;
  •  Public organizations, etc.

Bachelor degree in 5B020600-"Religious studies" can perform the following professional activities:

• Education (teaching); 

• Consultatively;

  •  Orientation;

• Organizational;

• Research.