T. C. Education Counselor Embassy in Astana Jesus SUGAR, visited our university. Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Almaty Altay Bey May 11, 2016 date of our first President, from our University Professor Education Counselor Jesus SUGAR Dr. Sabri servants visited in his office. Central Asian Civilization Foundation, Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career University, Almaty Kazakh-Turkish Social and Technical Vocational High School, Almaty Kazakh-Turkish Social and Technical College, International Kazakhstan-Turkey High School about his President Sabri made the presentation by SERVANTS Counsel Jesus SUGAR all day it was at the university campus. Education buildings, social and cultural facilities after visiting citizens of the Republic of Turkey AnlArIylA students and instructors met in a special meeting. Students in the last meeting of the environment of mutual conversation and asked questions, talked about their problems. Education Consultant SUGAR Jesus was left with a very positive opinion of our university.
T. C. Thank Education Counselor of the Embassy in Astana Christ sugar and Consul visit our Altay Bey Authority.
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