The University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Careers continues  the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the university. In 2015several national and international scientific, cultural, sporting eventsdevoted to its 10th anniversary  had been organized and  two major international events are being continued at the university. The first is an international scientific symposium: "550year anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate and the Kazakhs"devoted to the 550-year anniversary of the  Kazakh Khanateand  the 10 year anniversary of the university. On October 23-24, 2015the university organized the event  in collaboration with the Mayor of the city of Almaty where  87 participant-speakers took part and on October 24 beauty contests and sporting events took place where a number of universities presented themselves. The participants of the competitions were awarded with various awards.

            The second event is planned in Kastamonu city of Turkey on 19-22 November in 2015. The scientific conference “The First International Touristic Symposium of the Turkic World” will be organized in Kastamonu university in cooperation with the University of Foreign Languages and Business Career and scientists of many universities of the Turkic world will take part in the conference.

            This occasion will be organized in the field of language, history, tourism, international relations and aimed to develop skills of academic and administration staff in scientific and cultural fields.