University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career will undergo accreditation. 5 years ago 9 departments of our university had been accredited. This year 8 departments  will be accredited. An independent accreditation commission will  evaluate  Departments of the University:  4 MA undergraduate faculties, 4 BA graduate faculties. The university will oversee the possibility of accreditation. Since independence of Kazakhstan our university has undergone the ninth accreditation of  educational institutions.

Accreditation will be held specialized in the following specialties:

5В011400 - History

6M020300 - History

6M020600 - Religious

5В020200 - International relations

6M020700 - Translation Studies

6M011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages

5В011700 - Kazakh language and literature

5В011100 - Informatics