30 of November in the University of Foreign Languages and Proffesional Career was event dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was organized by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, under the leadership of Dean of the Faculty Ph.D. Nesipbaeva R.R and head Department of Economics and Tourism, associate Mamoeva B.SH.

According to the organizers, This is a tribute to the president of the country for his tireless work for the benefit of the motherland the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The event was opened by welcoming speech of Rector of the University, Doctor, Professor Sabri Hizmetli, in his speech, he praised the contribution of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the level with PhDs are actively attended by students of the university. In his speech, 3-year student, specialty "International Relations" Kuraev Islam, said: "The successes of the country is always linked with the activities of its President, sometimes they are almost entirely to his credit. Nazarbayev won the sympathy not only Kazakhs, but also national leaders and ordinary people of all countries of the modern world. His daily work of governing the country surprisingly fruitfully combined with the development of strategic ideas, concepts and programs for the development of Kazakhstan.

As history has shown, the national strategy, proposed by the President 24 years ago, has justified itself. Today, not only international experts, but also leaders of the leading nations of the world recognize the successful experience of Kazakhstan's reforms. Kazakhstan's leadership is based on the successfully chosen the political and economic model of transition: a strong presidential power plus rapid and vigorous economic reform.

Also, the event organizers have demonstrated a wide range of audiences archival materials, photos and videos with the participation of the President.
After the official part in the assembly hall of the university was held concert program prepared by ElshadMuradov, Kasymova Naila and students of the department "Economy and Tourism".

Head of Department of "Economics and Tourism" Prof. Mamoev Binali.Sh.

Student of 3rd class of International relations Kuraev I.B