December of 23 in 2015 at the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career in the creation of a committee of parents, held a meeting in order to establish a close relationship with parents.

       At the meeting of the parents explained that there is no corruption at the university and focused on clean high-quality education and training. Also parents expressed own gratitude to Rector of the University, to the staff of the university. Take an active part in the work of the professional guidance of the university. A.M.Astamova proud her grandson studing at the "Marketing"  Maxim Zolotıx. Because universityconveys a quality education, no corruption at the university, and in addition explained that here the bright future at the University.

Ä.Omarova and Ä.Ergebaeva children of 1st year from the "religious" that won Rector’s grant for free education.In this short period of time their childrenlearn the Arabic and developing the knowledge of the Turkish language.

father of T.Älimbek which studing at "History" in 4-course came to say that for 4 years for his children be given a high quality education, drew attention to the no corruption. To meet with the parents to participate in various activities at the university, vocational guidance for such a meeting with the parents noted that the new initiative. Rector of the University Dr., Professor Sabri Xïzmetlïthanked all parents. Parents Committee Twrdıbaeva K., A. Nwkwrova Ä.Omarova Ä.Ergebaeva. A.Beysenğalïeva. Rayeva B. Serikbaeva J., K. Adilova Nurmagambeto S., G. T. Alimbek parents was a member of the parents committee.