Bachelor’s programme is a modern, perspective path of receiving rigorous and quality higher education and globally recognized in all developed countries.

Bachelor's diploma is a state-recognized diploma of full-fledged higher education. It gives grounds for holding positions demanding presence of higher education and basis to continuing training at the master’s programme.

Choice of  The University of Foreign Languages and Professional Career’s bachelor’s programme as a level of higher education and trajectory of professional training has number of values and advantages:

• “Bachelor” qualification in contrast to traditional “certified specialist” is adopted by the international classification and is understood by employers all over the world and especially in the most developed countries

• Fundamental training of bachelors will allow you, if needed, to easily change a profession. In conformity with state educational standards bachelor’s training programme in line with different directions are formed in such way that enable you only in a year go to any other of a wide range of compatible professions.

• Having graduated from the The University of ForeignLanguages and                              Professional Careerin bachelor’s programme if you decide to continue education in master’s programme of the The University of ForeignLanguages and  Professional Career – you get a guaranteed discount.

How is a training of bachelor’s programme going on?

Since 2002 Kazakhstan has moved to credit system of education.

Credit system of education is a method of organising an educational process wherein students within certain limits have an opportunity to plan individually a sequence of educational path.

Credit (Credit, Credit-hour) is the unified volume unit of an educational work of a student/ a eacher.hile organising an educational process according to credit system of education it is necessary to keep in mind that 1 credit is equivalent of 3 hours work per week.1 academic hour is followed by 2 hours of student’s independent work (handling manuals, homework, research and work with a teacher).

Main objectives of credit system of training are composed as follows:

• unification of students’ extent of knowledge; 

• maximum individualization of training;

• increasing the role of independent work.

Quality of knowledge in each subject is estimated in line with score-rating system at three stages of training:

• ongoing control (task performance, attendance and etc);

• midterm control (in a form of testing, inspection test and etc. on the 8th and 15th week);

• examination (if number of scores at the ongoing and midterm control is insufficient the 
  student is not allowed to the examination).  

 At each stage students will get scores (rating) from 0 to 100 scores and average transferable score GPA will be calculated. It is calculated based on number of scores and credits in all subjects during the semester.

 In case student does not gain sufficient scores to pass a subject (60% of 100 scores), he has to re-take this subject. And this process is called as Retake.


Specialty License Аккредитационное агентство
1. 5В010300 Pedagogics and psychology License  
2. 5B011100 Computer science License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ1258 от 02.05.2017г.
3. 5В011400 History License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0679 от 15.12.2015г.
4. 5В011700 Kazakh language and literature License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0674 от 15.12.2015г.
5. 5В011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages   License свидетельство НААР
№АВ0007 от 18.11.2013г.
6. 5В020200 International relations License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0680 от 15.12.2015г.
7. 5В020600 Religion studies License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0010 от 18.11.2013г
8. 5В020700 Translation studies License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0008 от 18.11.2013г
9. 5В050400 Journalism License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0009  от 18.11.2013г
10. 5В050600 Economics License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0011 от 18.11.2013г
11. 5В050700 Management License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ1257 02.05.2017г.
12. 5В050800 Accounting and audit License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0014 от 18.11.2013г
13. 5В050900 Finance License  
14. 5В051100 Marketing License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ1256 02.05.2017г.
15. 5В090200 Tourism License свидетельство НААР
№ АВ0015 от 18.11.2013г

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