Tourism and communication chair

General information

Mamoev Binali Shahpanderovich


Head of department

"Tourism and communication" Associate Professor, Academician of the International Academy of the Moscow Children - Youth turiz ma and local lore named AA Ostaptsa- Sveshnikov.

Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He has more than 25 publications including 2 articles with impact factor, 3 manuals, 1 textbook.

1. Textbook "Fundamentals of Tourism and Local History" ,. - Almaty. - 2010.

2. Textbook "Fundamentals of tourist local lore work" - Almaty.- 2010.

3. Tutorial "Excursion activity" - Almaty.- 2013.

Toolkit "Tourism - excursion presented the historical - cultural reserve" Tanbaly "museum" - Almaty.- 2014.

The chair of "Economics and Tourism" at the University of Foreign Languages and Business Career (UIYA and DK) opened in 2004.
The department includes four specialty "Economics", "Management", "Marketing", "Accounting and Auditing", "Tourism". Currently the department has 23 pepodavatelya including 1 professor, 1 doctor of sciences, 11 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 6 senior teachers, 3 masters.

The main objective of the chair "Economics and Tourism" is - to prepare professional, competitive and sought-after specialists in economics, management, marketing and tourism. The department directs all its efforts on creating an enabling learning environment for students. Constantly working to improve the educational process, using innovations in educational activities.

Professional tourism bachelor's activities are aimed at improving the management process of tourist enterprises and organizations in the conditions of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan, the study of tourism potential of our country and foreign market of tourist services in order to optimize current and future planning, the introduction of modern methods of tourist services and information technologies, increasing the quality of the tourist product, the preparation of mid-level personnel for the tourism enterprises.

Taking into account the current requirements, the Department provides students with modern teaching methods with the use of interactive teaching methods, extensive use of Internet technology and multimedia equipment in the learning process.
As part of the operation of the mobility university modular training system and DC signed an agreement with the leading universities in Turkey and China.

The students of "Economics and Management" successfully trained at leading universities in Turkey: Nowhere University, the University of Mehmet Akif Ersoya University May 29 Muğla University and so on.
The distribution of the teaching load among the staff of the department is carried out with regard to the qualifications of teachers, according to the proposals on adjustments to perform research, writing manuals and the completion of the master's and doctoral theses. Lectures are delivered by highly qualified teachers, professors and associate professors with extensive experience of work and educational experience.
According readable disciplines teachers of the department compiled syllabus, work programs, manuals for practical training for students.

The content of model programs and teaching materials meets state educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Work programs detail specifying the sample programs, they represented a wide range of issues.
It is available all the guidelines for the passage of the training and pre-diploma practice and writing term papers in the state and Russian languages.
Currently, the department "Economics and Tourism" provides training bachelors specialists in full-time, part-time and distance learning. The courses are taught in two languages, Russian and Kazakh in the following specialties: «5B050600-Economy», «5B050700-Management», 5B051100- «Marketing», «5B050800-Accounting and Auditing", "5V050902- Tourism". Training is carried out on the basis of the state licenses of the Ministry of Education and Science AB №0137441 from 03.02.2010 with awarding the academic degree bachelor's degree in the relevant specialty.
Upon completion, graduates receive a state diploma.

Professional career BA in Economics is aimed at improving the process of enterprises and organizations of control in a market economy in Kazakhstan, the study of the economic potential and opportunities of our country and foreign markets in order to optimize the system of current and long-term planning, the introduction of modern methods of economic analysis and business planning, improvement of the quality of manufacturing and release of competitive products, training for Kazakhstani enterprises.
Traditional features of training at the faculty - a combination of theoretical fundamental education with special application training. Much attention is paid to the development of students' skills in analytical and creative thinking. This allows graduates to quickly and successfully adapt to the changing demands of today's market.

The globalization of the modern economy forces the expert economist in the twenty-first. to learn several foreign languages ​​to work in foreign companies, therefore, the importance of "Economics iTurizma" UIYA and DC gives training and foreign languages. The curriculum of the department "Economics and Tourism" provides training hours on the course of business of a foreign language, the rate of in-depth foreign language, Turkish language courses.
After the graduates of the department "Economics and Tourism" can work in different fields: industrial enterprises, government agencies and commercial organizations.

There are specialized classrooms

Cabinet on a specialty "Marketing"

Cabinet on a specialty "Economy"

Cabinet on a specialty "Tourism"