Professor Dr. Sabri servants
"History and Civilization of the Middle Ages" was published in the book.

1. Printing teacher in the city of Shymkent in 2002, Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish-Kazakh University Shymkent work done by the Institute of Eurasia / Ortasy was a gift to the youth. 360 pages, more than half of the work was divided into General Turkish History and Civilization. after the pre-Islamic and Islamic Turkish History and Civilization was taken on the basis of the existing Turkish state and national cultures; The supreme court of the Ottoman-State was considered special.
Eurasia / Central Asia on Higher Education Program of the Turkish Republic - General Turkish History, Turkish Culture and Uygarkıg, Central Asia, etc. History of Civilizations the book could serve as a textbook for the course is to book the reader at every level of culture.
Trace the Republic of Kazakhstan Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career University was among the publications. The book value by about 45 scientists, Prof. Dr. Sabri Servants of the "Middle Ages History and Yugarılıg of" (Medium Gas are History jane Örkeniyet a) the publication of his Kazakh work congratulations to sebeli'yl, alongside the successful administrative work, we ask him to continue their scientific work.

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