Rector of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career Prof.Dr. Sabri HIZMETLI

Rector of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career Prof.Dr. Sabri HIZMETLI was born in February 11, 1951 in Turkey in the city of Sivas. He graduated at Selcuk University in Konya "Religious" in 1974. In 1974-1976 was graduated master's degree at the University Sarbonna in Paris. In 1976-1980 studied doctoral degree at Sarbonna University in Paris also defended his doctoral thesis. In 1977 was at the Republic of Tunisia Institute named Burgiba as modern languages ​​teacher an an assistant at the University of Ankara in Turkey between the years 1980-1982, 1982-1984. Also acting associate professor in 1985,  served as a professor in 1989.

Tunisia, the research conducted in 1986-1988 worked as a professor at the University of Oran in Algeria. In 1982-1999 Ankara University and "Voice of Turkey" radio station "Ankara, Turkey's state radio and television" at the University of Ankara during 1989-1999 "Islamic civilization and social sciences," served as the head of the department.

In 1994, he taught as a lecturer at the University of Sydney in Australia. Turkish the International Kazakh HAYassavii, 1995-1998, professor of the Institute of Social Sciences in Ankara University graduate and doctoral professor at the University of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Osh 1998-1999.

In 1999-2003 the International Kazakh Yassavii, first deputy representative of the Turkish director of the Institute of the University of Warsaw, 2003-2005 the International Kazakh-Turkish Yassavii, ​​from 2005 to the presentvice-president of University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career , Almaty Kazakh-Turkish chairman of the governing body of the College of Arts and Technology High. Sabri Almaty Xïzmetlï "Cultural Foundation of Central Asia," founder and the Secretary-General, a member of the International Association of Universities (Turkey); Representative of Education of the Republic of Turkey; A member of the Scientific Council of the Turkic Academy (Astana), "Almaty area rectors of higher educational institutions" in central Turkey, which is a member of the Board "of the Black Sea and the Caucasus region," a member of the Association of the Board of so-called "scientific and educational magazine" editor-in-chief and editorial board Chairman (Almaty), of Turkey Education section 23 higher education institutions in the field of humanitarian Osh State University, a member of the editorial board "message," a member of the editorial board of the magazine (Kyrgyzstan), "world of Science", a member of the editorial board of the magazine (Shymkent) .

    Prof.Dr. Sabri HIZMETLI 
Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc. countries as a result of the contribution of science and education work has won several awards and praise. In particular, the Algerian state medal (1989), the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Y.Altynsarin" badge (2010), spiritual and social development of independent Kazakhstan achievements and its contribution to the prosperity of the way "for the Ministry of Education and Science Diploma of Ministry (01 April 2010), France international business Council "Golden medalï Last bezwpreçnwyu delovwyu repwtacïyu" award (2010), Socrates international award (Oxford, UK), "The name in Science" for the high scientific papers international award (GAU, Girne Amerikan Universiti, Cyprus, 2010), an exclusive Queen Victoria named "The international award" Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal "in the European (5-8 May 2011) won the award.

Coordination Council of the Assembly of European business, professional, scientific, cultural and educational activities of the Institute under the direction of Sabri Xïzmetlïdiñ Swiss quality standards "International Qulity Sertificate" SIQS) were to receive a certificate of quality.

Almaty Mayor I. Tasmagambetov "Certificate of Merit", №413; 06.12.2007 .; Chairman of the Board SB.Qwattıñ "letter of thanks", №133 16.08.2001 .; International Conference "Kazakh language" Society President, academician QRUĞA's Ö.Aytbayulınıñ "Certificate of Merit" in 2009 .; The head of the regional department of education S.J.Baraxovanıñ "letter of thanks", Shymkent, 2004 .; Deputy Mayor of Almaty S.Sejdumanov "Certificate of Merit", 2008 .; Ambassador for Education of the Republic of Turkey Kadir Çetin "Diploma" 29.09.2009j .; Governor of South Kazakhstan region Saparbayev "letter of thanks", 2002 .; South Kazakhstan region B.Jılqışevtiñ "letter of thanks", 2004 .; Mayor century. Jumjaevtıñ "Thank You Letter" 24.10.2003. Algerïya Oran region of the state M.Manxwçtıñ "Certificate of Merit", 1988, Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçektiñ "Certificate of Merit", 1994; The Yassaui president of the International Kazakh-Turkish University S.J.Pirälïevtiñ "Diploma", the rector of the University of Ankara "Certificate of Merit", 1986 .; The International Kazakh HAYassavii, Turkish university rector, academician O.Säbdenniñ "letter of thanks", 2003; TSE president of the Institute of the Republic of Turkey T.Bïyikxalwaşınıñ "Certificate of Merit", 2010 .; Certificate of Merit of the Egyptian Embassy in Almaty emergency, 2010; B.Sattarxan "Namys" Fund "letter of thanks", 2011 .; Petropavlovsk's quality management "Certificate of Honor" (2012)., The President of the Academy of Talent A.M.Mıltıqbaevtıñ "The Golden Man" award in 2012., Chairman of the higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Alshanov "A.Baytursynuly" gold medal and "Certificate of Merit", 2013 .; The cultural capital of the Turkic world Eskişehir region's "letter of thanks", 2013 .; Almaty A.Esimov "Certificate of Merit", academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan President Murat Zhurinov "Certificate of Merit", 2014; University of the Republic of Turkey Kastamonu "Turkish rector of the most successful universities in the world in 2014" was awarded the diploma.

      Prof.Dr. Sabri HIZMETLI
 - Minister of Education and Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the city of Almaty Akim of Almaty city akim of South Kazakhstan region, etc. undergraduate and graduate students, and a special team headed by favored scientist, business leader, ulağatttı teacher, dear wife, precious father.

    Prof.Dr. Sabri HIZMETLI
 Kazakh, Turkish, Russian, English, French, Arabic, Persian fluently. From the above languages ​​37 scientific works, published more than 300 scientific articles. 50 Masters, 23 PhD thesis work was leading; Turkish, Arabic, Kazakh, Kyrgyz nations brought more than 20 well-known disciple.