Innovative technologies and distance learning

    In accordance to the letter of President Nursultan Nazarbayev on January 27, 2012, to contribute in order to develop of innovative technologies at the university of Foreign languages ​​and business career, has been using all the features. In addition to the state program for 2011-2020, the development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, that use of e-learning in higher education institutions, to enter information technology, in order to support this educational program we include distance education to the university's Strategic Plan for 2011-2020 in point 1.1. 2. and it had started for the term 2012-2013 academic year  in September. According to organize distance learning technologies in the educational process Massimov approved Resolution No. 137 on 20.03.2015 it makes easy to make transition to the system, in previous years would be required to obtain a license, and even it carried out in the form of experiment.

            From the date of the decision to move to a system of distance learning our university’s rector Prof. Sabri Xïzmetlï  has signed a contract with. In the modern world, the number of people who prefer distance learning is increasing. To move to distance learning technology it is the informative development of the society which connected with a creative trend. Through  the distance learning students can save their time. First of all, distance learning is follow the same procedure for the course program without going into any school at the appointed time. DL in the modern world developed with the help of a simple replacement of traditional learning materials  by the Internet, e-mail (e-mail), telephone and fax communications, video conferencing and by mail. This technology is the connection between teachers and students, and provides day-to-day relationships with thousands of kilometers separating.

 The following people can use the technology of distance education:

Technical and vocational, post-secondary education and higher education based on the reduced educational programs;

• persons with disabilities in all levels of education, including children with disabilities, and persons who are disabled in group I and II;

The exception of "Bolashak" scholarship holders and students with higher education who participate in exchange programs from outside the state;

• part-time education at the level of higher education called up for military service;

• at the level of higher education, long-term (more than 4 months) foreign mission persons.

Distance learning has the following advantages:

• The traditional part of the educational process involves the training of 40 days during the two-test examinations, you must not be more than 80 days per year, and in distance learning  technology would be enough to participate 1 time in 15 days;

• When you are at home or in the office at a convenient time for the development of course materials,you have free schedule of education for the rational use of time;

  • No limitations according tomotivation, physical ability.
  • Without waste of time and money for the road;
  • To define the capacity and the pace of training depend on you. Set the time and day of the week  that is convenient for youto acquire the course;

• With the help of interactive tests have the ability to control the development of capacity;

  • All course materialscomfortable filed in electronic form;

• You only need a personal computer connected to the Internet. Otherwise, you can use the computers of  University.