Using the methods of modern global representation of the people of Kazakh education system, local and state governments to contribute to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Address to the Nation" on the basis of progress, the students of the National Society, tracing the development of psycho-social and spiritual as a result of improvement of the entities and to assess the value of contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the country is the main goal.

University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and other countries of the Turkic world in accordance with the requirements of the modern students using the knowledge and technological achievements on the basis of the common state standards in education, business career education and practical aims to teach foreign languages .

University training and business career training in accordance with the structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the main goal of a democratic approach to education, cultural and specialty in the field of science and culture enough to be able to meet the requirements of the modern world, national and spiritual values, respect for human rights and freedoms, can show the ability of educated sectors of society to know the latest search techniques and use of intellectual and psychologically, economic and social, scientific and cultural and business events in the field of career and feel the responsibility of "high-quality medical personnel" and "leading expert could serve as a model" is to prepare.

At the same time, our goal today, which is in need of the applicant, inventor and user-force training can manage to strengthen cooperation with local and state sector organizations to implement global and sectoral analysis, the state contribution to the cultural, social and economic development at the national level to enable implementation.

The purpose of the organization in their social and cultural convinced that any developed country to prepare students to be able to manage in the field of education.

University of Foreign Languages and Professional Career  ​​in this direction and business career training those working in the conditions of market economy based on knowledge, approach and practical contribution to the development of its professional development; language, a career in business, education, culture and civilization, solved the problem of the market economy; marketing, tourism, international relations and trade development in the field; compliance with national and spiritual values, and will continue to contribute to finding a solution to the problems encountered to find; these needs in the fields of scientific papers, compositions, products have to be supplemented by work.

If so, our goal is reflected in the national and on the basis of science and education in the minds of young people and promoting its development, professional career society and living conditions of the market to be developed among services, educational programs be even more useful and jemistirek individual strive for perfection and development, to contribute to the formation of a happy and peaceful life of the society; patriotic and patriotic love for their region in Kazakhstan that the profits of the involvement of national income, the education of persons who respect the laws and regulations; the use of modern technology in education and science teaching methods; to bring up the owners of a mature professional education, higher education;


Education policy

Our training policy is to comply with the requirements of today, the expected date for the training and education. Sufficient base, leading specialist personnel with knowledge of the educational process, uştastığına attention to the continuity of the theory and practice, developed ölkelermen scientific and educational exchange programs, students will be taught at least two foreign languages ​​at academic, social and cultural development of a training policy to follow .

On the basis of university teaching in the following types of work: full-time and part-time. These areas of primary teaching, primary teaching, secondary teaching, the teaching profession and the teaching profession in the first secondary teaching profession, higher teaching profession teaching profession, the profession of teaching.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan university, the Turkic world, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan in all parts of the neighboring states, such as education, secondary, vocational and higher education.

Secondary and higher professional education programs, social, educational, economic, technical, science, culture, art and roots, all of this in conjunction with the sectors of education, training quality.

University major field of scientific books, guidelines, scientific journals printing; national and international level theoretical and practical research or teaching students, conferences, symposia, seminars, educational events, travel, sports and arts events, cultural, historical, and literary organize congresses.

University to improve the quality of teaching, business, career development, the use of modern scientific and technological opportunities to improve the practice of the profession, in order to get acquainted with the experience of the leading scientists on the site of the Central Asian Turkic states, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey and the higher education institutions in Europe; travel, sports, art activities; books, magazines and other press materials, student or faculty exchange, etc. agreements in the fields.

A sample of students graduated from the University of Foreign Languages and Professional Career  "diploma of higher education". This diploma, degree and equal in terms of the status of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is considered to be the same as the other institutions of higher education diplomas.