The success of graduates — the success of the university they finished, a true example of the competitiveness of the university in the educational system of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the Association is to unite the graduates to help them in their personal and professional growth, promote their careers and success.

People who have graduated from this university who work in it and most importantly, remember it. Each university has its own energy, which consists of a fusion energy of thousands of graduates, staff, students and university traditions. The successes of the university — the successes of its graduates, who share their student days and student friendships.
For 11 years the university has trained more than ………. specialists.

This highly skilled professionals are working in different areas of  social and educational systems, making a worthy contribution to the health of our population. Today, they lead their children to study here.

In 20….  was established Graduates association of the University of Foreign Languages and Professional Career. This was a new page in the history of the University. It is connected with the necessity of the new positioning of our medical university, its students and graduates. President of the Graduates association was elected …………….. Graduates association is a community of people, which each graduate joins after graduation.
The purpose of the Association is the union of the intellectual, creative and business potential of students and professionals professional solutions, socio-economic problems in the health field.

The main activities of the Association are: organizing and conducting meetings, university graduates, advice from the experts on employment, assistance for students and graduates in obtaining additional educational services (participation in case conferences, seminars, workshops, training courses), establishing contacts with similar republican and international organizations, exchange of delegations and working groups, experience and information, providing financial and other support for gifted students, funding for scientific, educational and organizational activities in accordance with the objectives of the Association; promotion of the results of educational, research and other activities of staff students and graduates.
            Regional offices of the Association established In the regional centers.

Dear Graduates, welcome to the University!

The doors of your university are always open for you. We invite you to cooperation!