University "Kultegin" Scientific research ïnstïttwtı. The main objective of this institute in the field of social sciences and humanities is the most fundamental and applied research.The objectives set by the institute in research, teaching, and by promoting education, health, and distribution in the field of scientific and organizational coordination. The implementation of the goals and objectives set by the Institute, the country's economic, social, cultural and spiritual development of research projects that will impact performance. The Kultegin significance of the name of the institute. Kultegin monument of the Turkic peoples of invaluable cultural wealth. This is valuable not only in the Turkic peoples of the world as well as attracting the attention of scientists around the world.        At present, history and language studies in the field of education, there is still much doubt about the scientific discoveries. The introduction of high technologies in science today to support innovation and research aimed at determining the aspects of the work. This is such a case, the trends of development of Kazakhstani science, scientific schools in areas of significant scientific accomplishments expertise is relevant publications in scientific research today. "Kultegin" Scientific Research Institute of doing important research on these issues.

        In this new century image of science research, the international community is also important to determine the competitive orientation. Kazakhstan join the 30 most competitive countries in the first direction of the strategy of Kazakhstan's successful integration into the world economy as the basis for a successful transformation must not only shown that Hispanic. How to achieve economic integration in the world scientific and applied research and innovation is the introduction of advanced technology and experience. In accordance with the highest international standards of academic centers and educational institutions, to participate in the international trends in the development of technology parks and open to new technologies, which is the demand of the modern trend.              

         "Kultegin" the implementation of the results of the work carried out by the Research Institute of the faculty of the university in the direction of national and international scientific conferences and symposia, as well as industrial, educational and industrial exhibitions, presentations. The faculty of the university scientific research capacity and the decision of the Academic Council of the university in order to improve the efficiency of research and development works in the current year to 10 million. allocate considered.