Linguistic Centre

Our "Linguistic Centre" there are more than 10 years. All programs and courses are designed taking into account the interests and characteristics of each student.

We offer the following courses:

- Kazakh language

- Turkish language

- English

- Arabic language

- Russian language

- Chinese

- German

- French

o Classes are held 3 times a week for 100 minutes.

o Schedule is formed as a set of groups.

o Teachers - native speakers, and local teachers.

o Classes are held in groups of 6 to 10 people.

o Training can take place in several forms: individual, group and corporate classes.

o Training is held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

In the training programs: reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension, communication in pairs, in groups and chat with the teacher, writing texts, working out grammatical structures and listening to the speech of native speakers.

Upon completion of training you will receive a certificate from the linguistic Centre, which will be specified your level of knowledge.

 Course duration - 3 months.

Our advantages:

  • Qualitative education
  • Acceptable prices

• Professional teachers

• Modern methods

• Various educational programs

• Convenient training schedule

The problems that we are helping our customers to solve:

• I can’t speak as well as I want

• I don’t understand foreign speech and songs

• I don’t understand grammar and articles

• Do not know how to read and write

• I speak, but slowly and incorrectly

• I don’t have the correct pronunciation

You can study at your convenient time: in the morning, in the evening after work, or you can choose the time for individual lessons.