The university of FL and PD supports with highly qualified medical assistance.

The main goal is set by the Department of Medicine of the University students and employees of the ambulance. In accordance with the requirements of the modern fields in medicine, and medical units equipped with the requirements at the level of higher education institutions. Medical branch is headed by a highly qualified nurse A.Zhunusakynova. Reminder to reduce infectious diseases and their preventive measures; supervision of sanitary conditions; working conditions and etc. are the main activities of the department of medicine. Make every effort to implement this service are  the following:

- The first campus to the doctor and emergency medical care.

Initial and periodic medical examinations;

- Control of the first health assistance to the students;

- Sanitary requirements are required .


  • Nurse


Asel Junisakinova


Telephone: +7 (727) 379 78 96 (148)

Address:Almaty city, Kazibek bi Street, 168