Head of Human Resources department


Dosova Zhanar was born on June 12, 1985 in the region of Baiganin, Aktobe city. She graduated "Progress" Polytechnic College in specialty of 3706002 "Computer equipment and systems software" in 2002-2005. During 2005-2008 she graduated, the University of Social Arts and Technology in "Vocational training". She worked as a 1 class teacher of computer technology in the "Progress" Polytechnic College during 2003-2009. She worked as assistant of the head of HR department of the college staff in 2006-2012. Dosova Zhanar has been working as the head of the Human Resources department at the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career and Almaty Kazakh-Turkish College of Humanities  and Technology since October 2013.

            The main task of the human resources department – recruitment of personnel, placement and organization of work to ensure tasks. The number of personnel and  constant the formation of the team is controlled regularly.

      The main functions of the human resources department is regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this is HR documentation of all structural units of the university, solving the problems of production and support of internal regulations of the working conditions. The competence of the human resources department includes:

- recruitment and placement of personnel,

- efficient use of personnel,

- provision of staff with personnel,

- preparation of necessary documents for the certification of personnel.

       The head of HR head department is Dosov Zhanar Sultanovna. Staff is chosen in accordance with  the necessary skills to highlight their activities and solve their problems in activity of the university staff.

        Personnel placement is carried out constantly with forecasting the qualitative and quantitative composition of the staff in  the aim of improving the quality of the main directions of activities of the University.  And in order to ensure a productive and qualitative results of activities controlled by the interaction between departments. HR keeps records of all documents relating to the meetings, and participates in the preparation documents for competitive commissions.



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