Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Career was created  by the number of education 05. 04. 26985-1910 2001-M-E and decision between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Kazakhstan science and cultural ministry as a result of agreements in Almaty. The founder of the university, which is a legal entity under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "is" Cultural Foundation of Central Asia. The fund founders are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkey. Therefore, the Cultural Foundation of Central Asia, the University of Foreign Languages ​​and  Professional Career  is considered to be an international organization.

One root of the history of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and  Professional Career  education and cultural bridge between Turkey and Kazakhstan, the modern scientific and technological innovations presentation of the Kazakh youth, quality, discipline and education are going to be a good example.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the institution of higher education who successfully solved the tasks set in accordance with the flow of time in the field of international education institution in achieving great success in the field of education and science.

Acting to reform the country's education strategic, creative thinking and the development of individual parties to form a new national model of university administration and staff work hard.


The University has achieved much in 10 years. In particular, 93% of graduates employed in their professions, teachers teaching 148 144 (97.2%) of the working staff. He has a degree of 55.5%.

The building of the infrastructure of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and  Professional Career  3, according to the European standard modern dormitory complex.

The first academic building for a total of 5599.1 square meters, useful 3120.1 sq.m. The second case a total of 9212.1 square meters, useful 6492.9 sq.m. In 2011, the Republic of Turkey for the construction of a training center for applied ticking under the auspices of the state's 5.5 million US dollars have been allocated. In addition, school classrooms, dormitories, dining halls, all the necessary furniture teak Organization and the Republic of Turkey "Central Asia Cultural Foundation" with the help of. The third building (total: 9212.1 square meters, profitable 6492.9 kv.m.²), teak state uymınıñ 7.5 million. Was due to the allocation of US $. This educational building classrooms, electronic library, youth club, conference hall, apartments for teachers, covered car park. Will be used for the building in June.

The educational process, including the training of scientific and educational organization of 75 school auditoriums, computer classes 12, 12 multimedia classrooms, 2 language laboratories. Suitable for students living in the hostel covers an area of ​​2350 sq m, according to the European standard hostel is equipped with a 3-time meals provided. Buildings, student cafeterias with 120 seats and 350 seats in the dining room. Building winter sports hall.

Mevlana international educational program at the university in various countries: Mongolia, Germany, the People's Republic of China, Russia, Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan students.

Currently, the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career science and education to promote mutual cooperation in the field of large countries (Turkey, China, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, the United States, Britain, Spain, Georgia, Hungary, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Arab countries, Qatar Kyrgyzstan), etc. Contracts with more than 90 higher education institutions.

Every year, Turkey, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Spain, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan foreign scientists, professors, teachers, academic mobility program in the 1st and 2nd semester lectures and exchange experience.

Founded in 2005, the University of Foreign Languages ​​and  Professional Career  students from the day I want to give special attention to the social and economic support. Sponsored annually UNT students scored higher than the internal distribution of grants, orphans, the disabled, students from low-income families and living conditions of many children there are discounts of 5-50 percent.

Minister of Education and Science of the 2011-2012 academic year 2000 grant bölgendigin higher education institutions in the country, including 634 grant (1.5 million US dollars to 1 year), our university, owned by the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career noted.

This academic year, 720 students from 5% up to 50% discount for students. At the same time, for the 2011-2012 academic year, the Almaty City Administration "organized by University Grants" Olympiad poor 3 students won grants. In 2012-2013, the highest points awarded 60 grants to applicants. Of the 252 students in the 2014-2015 academic year 2109 on the basis of the state grant received free education grants 2-, 3-presidential scholarships for 558 students enrolled for a discount of up to 5% and 50%. This means that with the help of sponsors to grant 300 000 000-350 000 000 150 000 000 tenge will be allocated for a discount. Every year, Kazakhstan has received an investment of $ 2 million from 2005 to 2015 brought in $ 25 million investment. That is the import of investment in the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career of the country's socio-economic, spiritual and cultural development of the country are making a great contribution.

Kazakhstan and Turkey between education, science and culture made by one of the main goals of strengthening relations, "the quality of teaching and upbringing and the actual purity" symbol on the basis of measures in accordance with the standards of education and science of Kazakhstan held annually by the University of Foreign Languages ​​and  Professional Career 100 grant and a discount of 12 points on the Kazakh youth through socio-economic situation, in accordance with the requirements of modern dormitories, dining room and library services, such as social and cultural centers, undergraduate and graduate experience abroad, the possibility of an exchange of views, mobility through the system annually 80-100 students abroad to provide education grants, a young specialist in educational, scientific and cultural projects of the implementation of measures such as the implementation of a special place among higher education institutions.

Will be able to select university students work experience. Students in Turkey, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the country's leading organizations, leading firms to exchange experiences. Undergraduate and graduate students on academic mobility program leading foreign institutions of higher education, particularly in Turkey, China, from Russia training. The rapid development of modern economy, increased competition; The process of transition to a post-industrial information society; expansion of the range of cultural and economic relations; The increase in the value of human capital, etc. institutions of higher education in recent years as a result of his appearance. Given these factors, the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career high school formation and the formation of independent Kazakhstan, the world of education, makes an invaluable contribution to the integration of information and cultural space. The faculty of the University scientific research in order to improve Turkey, China, Wkraïnannıñ, France, the USA, India, Germany, Russia, etc. undergo training in leading institutions of higher education and scientific research to produce publications sponsored by the side of the university. The implementation of organizational and management structure of the strategic goals of the university, successful solutions. Members of the University Council, the teaching council, the board of discipline, dean, Youth Council, Kultegin Research Institute, Almaty Kazakh-Turkish College of Arts and Technology, innovative educational technology center, testing center, the Alumni Association, the language center, 5 departments of the library, etc. work. Who celebrated the 10th anniversary of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career future goal: Kazakhstan, and join the world's largest higher education institutions in the world "Brand universities" be a unique one. Consequently, educational institutions worthy of the XXI century is the future you confidently step.