December 23, 2015 at the University of Foreign Languages and business career was organized a meeting of parents of students of all faculties.

 Meeting with parents was organized on the initiative of the rector of the doctor, Professor Sabri Hizmetli to university administration and faculty and it was associated with the family of each student to know the students’ marital status and to help them, if there is a need.

 Parents were pleased attention from the university administration, talked about their children and their problems. Parents noted that they are very happy that their children are studying at our university.

University administration  creates all conditions for quality education for its students, diligent training, the learning of several foreign languages. 
Rector of the University in his speech noted that the parents and the management should work mutually in the education and upbringing of young people. Parents should participate in all activities of the University, to help the staff of the university with professionally –oriented work, to raise the prestige of the university. 

A.M.Astamova’s grandmother, the students of specialty "Marketing" Maxim Zolotikh told a lot of positive things about studying in the university, the absence of corruption and the development of academic mobility that predicts a bright future of the University.

University graduates with knowledge of several foreign languages and competitive education are being employed up to 93 percent.

Rector of the University Dr., Professor Sabri Khizmetli thanked the parents and offered to organize a committee of parents who will work closely with the university staff. 

Taking into account the recommendations of the parents, the following members  of the parent committee were elected: Turdybaeva K., Nukurova A., Omarova A.,   Ergebaeva A., Beysengalieva A., Rayeva B. Serikbaeva Zh., Adilova K., Nurmaғambetova S. Әlіmbek T., Abdraimova G.