General information

The educational process in the master course is carried out on credit technology of education in the University of Foreign Languages and professional  career from the 2008-2009 academic year. The university master classes are led by leading professors, associate professors and senior lecturers with scientific degrees of doctoral  and candidatesof sciences.
All undergraduates of University of FL & PC are actively involved in research work: participate in scientific conferences at various levels, engaged in research on problems of master's theses,  research internships in countries of  nearest and the farthest countries abroad.Educational programs of  University of FL & PC are implemented in two areas of training - scientific-pedagogical and profiled education and provides an in-depth specialized training to enable successful graduates to subsequently engagement  in scientific, educational, administrative and expertize activities.

Education in the master course at the University of FL & PC involves active research work, participation in research projects of the University under the guidance of leading experts in the priority areas of science and practice.Doctor of Science, PhD, professors and associate professors with many years of practical experience, as well as guest lecturers from Turkey, China and other countries teach and supervise master's thesis specialists of the highest academic qualification:.

Master course of University of FL & PC  is:

-         highly qualified teaching staff and master classes of the leading scientists of the world.

- participation in national and international conferences and seminars, exchange programs and various forms of scientific internship and exchange programs.





Head of the department of MA course,

associate professor,

candidate of pedagogical Sciences







 personnel ofthe department of MA course