Projects of Faculties



1. Cognition and heuristics in the professional activity of the teacher of linguistic disciplines in Kazakhstan and the Turkish-speaking countries (scientific. Rukov. PhD Dabyltaeva RE)

2. Improvement of the organization and the motivation of the enterprise in market conditions (nauch.rukov. Ph.D., associate professor Aytzhanova AE)

3. Modernization of education in the disciplines of the Department of Journalism and KYAL in terms of information and communication technologies (nauch.rukov PhD Serikbaev GJ)

4. Creation of the laboratory work on the neural networks in the national language (nauch.rukov. Head: Dr., Associate Professor Imanbaev K.)

5. Updated the Silk Road in the context of new opportunities and prospects for development of Kazakhstan (scientific. Rukov. Ph.D. Nogaeva ZK)

6 "Modernization of the teacher training system of secondary education" (Project Supervisor: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kuratov OA)

7. "Cultural and historical and ethnic background, and the possibility of development of international tourism in South Kazakhstan"

(Scientific Project Manager: PhD, Associate Professor Ivleva NV)

8. Economy Research University

(Scientific Project Manager: PhD, professor Nesipbaev RR)

9. "Islamic Finance in the Republic of Kazakhstan"

(Scientific Project Manager: PhD, professor Nesipbaev RR)

İşletmeler için Google ÇeviriÇevirmen Araç SetiWeb Sitesi ÇevirmeniGlobal Pazar Fırsatları Aracı ((Scientific Project Manager: PhD, professor Nesipbaev RR)

 10."TURKUAS INVEST Ltd. brand in the market place" (Project Supervisor: Ph.D., Aytzhanova A.)

11. "The state and prospects of development of tourism in Kazakhstan as foreign investment object" (Research Project Manager: PhD, Associate Professor Ivleva NV)     

     All these projects are in the center of the National Scientific and Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan registration.       The proposed project is the implementation of the President's five institutional reform: the first implementation of economic reform programs and ensuring the provision of quality public qızmet¬terdi modern, professional and autonomous state apparatus. The second reform to ensure the rule of law. The third area of ​​reform - negiz¬delgen economic diversification, industrialization and economic growth. Fourth, the reform of the formation of a single bola¬şaq nation. Reform the fifth to be transparent and accountable government.