Dear colleagues!

            The Republic of Kazakhstan, The University of Foreign Languages and Professional Careerjoint with the Almaty city administration, Turan university, Kastomonu university and Nebshehir Kadji Bektash universities of Turkey, International Kirgizstan-Turkey Manas university invite you to participate in the II International Symposium of the Turkic world tourism devoted to 25th anniversary of the  Republic of Kazakhstan  and the 1000-year anniversary of Almaty cityon the theme: «The role of Great Silk way tourism and trade in the formation of Euro-Asian countries» to be held on 3- 5 June,  2016.

            Conference language: Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish and etc.

            The II International Symposiumwelcomes the scientists of the Turkic world, CIS researchers and Kazakhstan, representatives of regional and state management and scientific research centres, research staff of universities, scientists, PhD and MA students as reporters and experts.



Tourism in the countries of Euro-Asia: its sources, past and today


The impact of Great Silk way trade to the relations of Euro-Asian countries and the development of the world tourism



Section 1:  Еуразиядағы рухани туризм: зиярат жерлері және ерекшеліктері

Section 2: Culture and tourism

Section 3: Touristic relations of the Turkic world and ways of its development

Section 4: Tourism in Kazakhstan and its importance of social-economic development

Section 5: The role of The Great Silk way trade in the development of science and culture in Central Asia

IV. CLOSING SECTION: Conclusions and closing of the conference






Conditions for the conference:

            Paper and electronic formats of the reports and registration form should be submitted to the organizing Committee or has to be sent to . Presenters of reports will be informed (by e-mail or in person) not later than 15 April, 2016 to the following e-mails: , or call to +7(727) 379-78-94.

          Reports of the conference will be presented not late than 1 May,  2016.

          The conference materials published in a book, where articles are published free of charge. Following the conference, the most active participants will receive certificates. The certificate will be issued only to registered participants.

          The detailed information about conference could be found on the website of the University of Foreign Languages and Professional Career.

          Size of the article:1) Plenary: 10 to 12 pages; 2) Sectional : 5 to 6 pages.

The article is hand-typed in the word processor MS Word, A4 size, margins: top margin – 2 cm; bottom – 2 cm; left – 3 cm; right – 1,5 cm. General requirements to the text format: font - Times New Roman, line spacing – single.


            Requirements for an article format:

           Unique requirements to each of the article elements are consolidated in the table below: UDK, bold, no paragraphing, leftmost text alignment; centre text alignment, title of the article - 14, bold, no paragraphing, capital letters, centre text alignment, spacing after title of the article, Initials and surnames / family names of the authors – 14 Times New Roman, bold, no paragraphing, centre text alignment, Current job / place of work - 14, italic, no paragraphing, centre text alignment, spacing after current job – 3 mm (6 pt), E-mail; Key words not more 5 words; Passage: upper and lower -20 mm, right -15mm, left – 12, italics.  Annotation in Kazakh, Russian, English- 14, bold type.   Bibliography, references and notes - 14, no paragraphing, justified text alignment in bracket - [1:45], Summary in three languages Kazakh, Russian, English.

           Figures and charts are hand-typed with Times New Roman 14 font with single line spacing. Figures, diagrams and charts are made using black and white gamma. Pictures should be in jpg format and the size should not be more than A4. The thesis of articles should be sent by e-mail.  In case authors are multiple staff, the number of authors should not exceed more than 4 people.

Note. Text format of the article is an original version for publication. Authors of the article are responsible for content of articles. The editorial Board is not responsible for correction works. The editorial Board reserves the right to select articles for publication. The materials submitted after the deadline (01 May,  2016) or not drawn in accordance with the requirements are not considered and are not returned.

Articles will be published in scientific collection journal.  The submitted materials must be edited by author and should not contain any grammatical and lexical mistakes.

          Travel and trip expenses for participants from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan will be provided round trip tickets, and accommodation during their stay in Almaty will be paid by the university (only one person from each university). 

       Required documents for registration:

  • Information about author in the required format of the symposium.
  • Article, edited and formalized according to the requirements;

      Venue: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazybek bi st. 168., Conference hall ‘Farabi’, The University of foreign languages and professional career. Registration – 9 o`clock. Conference starting time – 10 o`clock.

            Note:   on the 5th May, 2016 participants of the Symposium can go sightseeing and travel to Almaty city and Almaty region. 



Address of Organizing Committee :

University of Foreign Languages and  Professional Career

050026 Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Kazibek bi street 168

Telephone: 8(727) 379 78 94, 379 78 95. Fax: 8 (727) 379-78-93.

e-mail:; web-site:;;

Responsibles of Organizing Committee:  Beisenbekova G.T., Kuanishbayeva A.A.,   

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