Orleu center conducted advanced training courses

On December 14-25 2015 year, in the professional development of teachers from the central Orleu Center of the University Research Institute of the Ministry of Education on the subject of the application of innovative methods in the educational process in accordance with the system of professional development courses. The purpose of the course is to improve the competitiveness of the teacher education system in the country is the use of new teaching technologies. Center teachers Oraqova A.S., Zeinulla J., Mendigaliev K. Kornilov T.B., Tazhibaeva B.T, A.S Nasyrova, Ten G.U, and Jartınova J.A expanded knowledge of new legal documents listeners. educationideas were also discussed. SWOT analysis of the teachers' ve SMART goals and pedagogical practice of couching ve organization management were analyzed. In addition to learning through experient, experiential learning cycles, action learning, learning from reflective action, smart education ideas were discussed.