December 30, 2015  at the University of Foreign Languages ​​And Professional Career was New Year's celebration. The festive event, sponsored by the rector of the University Dr. Professor Sabri Khizmetli. there made a festive meal.
  Rector of the University of Sabri Khizmetli worked hard of administrative and academic staff in the quality of education and upbringing awarded 3 different occasions.
1. Financial;
2. Kzi Bank present
3. the New Year's dinner
        During the holidays of each faculty, teachers and staff of the college concert rooms, views, and organized games. "Foreign Languages" organized by the Department of "loaves girl" performance in several languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German.
hear the songs of different nationalities in the course of the evening. The best of gifts was for Kazakh-Turkish College of Arts and Technology which  recognized as one of the best performances and won the first place prize. Second place in the "Kazakh language and literature, journalism and computer science" and third place took "foreign languages".