On December of 16, the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Independence Support" was held in the university. During the welcoming speech of the event, rector of the University Dr., Professor Sabri Xïzmetlï to congratulate you on the Day of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan's independence is far more expensive, since it attaches great importance to the need to assess. "The great strength of the growth in national independence," scientific-practical conference on the topic. "History, religion and international relations," the dean of the Faculty of Ulan Abdyhalykov "to achieve the independence of historical trails on the theme" the university's vice-rector for science and education called and Beisembekova "a major target in the Address of the President" on the topic, associate professor Murat Sembinov "Oh Roll of Education and Science in Light Poslanïya of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayeva ", Almaty Kazakh-Turkish College of Arts and Technology teacher Gulnara Swltanmwradova" Independence is a great mission, a sacred concept "made a presentation on the topic.
Rector of the University, Dr., Professor Sabri Xïzmetlï celebration of the university's social work, vocational guidance, the students work hard in the quality of education and upbringing of the financial, administrative and academic staff and handed over a letter of thanks.
During the ceremony in December, the hero girl Abai Kazakh National University associate professor, Ph.D. Bïdana Qabataymen meeting. Bïdana layer is made in the square, then why the Kazakh youth, in the event that a cold December when he stressed the need to be able to evaluate the independence. concert organized with the participation of students in the end of the ceremony.